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Revenue Commissioners Awarded with BS 25999 Certification for Business Continuity Management

Revenue Commissioners Ensure Continuity of Public Finances with BS 25999 Certification

Certification Europe awarded the Irish Revenue Commissioners with BS 25999 certification.  This was Ireland’s first ever BS 25999, business continuity management certification.

Certification to BS 25999 ensures there is a system in place that will ensure continuity of service should the unexpected or a disaster occur.  Due to the role that Revenue plays in the State it is critical that business can continue as normal under unusual circumstances, such as a storm, accident, damage to infrastructure or absence of staff.

Vincent Duffy, IT Manager at the Revenue Commissions said,

“We’re a government organisation and IT is critical to the services we provide.  We don’t want to be off the air, so we looked for a standard to follow and found BS 25999”.

Certification Europe carried out an audit of the Revenue Commissioners BCM system to ensure it met the requirements of BS 25999, before awarding the certification.  Duffy is delighted with this prestigious award, “the certification process gives you much more than a technical document…You get a broad management system that includes technology, building maintenance, health and safety and staff issues that are all part of delivering a level of service needed even after a fire, flood, snowstorm or other event”.  Duffy went on to emphasise Revenue’s desire for this standard to mature and to see more certified organisations.  He pointed out “when there’s a certified community we can learn from one another and continually improve”.

Certification Europe would like to congratulate all of the team at Revenue on achieving this national first by achieving BS 25999 certification and in doing so protecting the public finances.

For further information on this story and to learn more about BS 25999 please contact:

Bill Carroll
Certification Europe

Tel: +353-(0)1-6429300

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