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Certification Europe certify Allergan to ISO 50001.

Certification Europe certify Allergan to ISO 50001

After 15 months of hard work and a dedicated team behind them, Allergan, a world leader in neurosciences achieved official certification from ISO 50001 Energy Management. Michael Brophy CEO of Certification Europe presented the team involved in implementing and preparing Allergan for certification with the highly sought after ISO 50001 certification.

Michael said after the presentation that the team and clients can be proud that Allergan has a sustainable and high-quality energy management system in place which will continue to benefit them financially and environmentally. Achieving ISO 50001 was a real team effort for Allergan and getting all departments involved in the process will provide assurance that Allergan will continue to efficiently and effectively implement the standard throughout the organisation.

Allergen certified to ISO 50001



Who is Allergan?

Allergan is a pharmaceutical research and development company primarily for neuromuscular treatments and disabilities caused my overactive muscles and stroke victims. They develop products to improve the patient’s quality of life and performing basic tasks such as dressing themselves.

They are also a world leader in medical aesthetics specialising in Facial, Hyperhidrosis, prominent ears and breast enhancement. All of their products are designed through science-based medical research. They operate in over 100 countries developing new pharmaceutical equipment and employ more than 16000 people worldwide. The company was formed in 2015 when it was acquired by Actavis plc.

Will you be the next organisation to be certified to ISO 50001?

By implementing ISO 50001 standard into their organisation Allergan will be able to benefit from up to 10% savings on energy cost annually while also making a greener environment in which they work.

If your organisation would like to learn more about the energy management system contact us today and start your journey to certification with Certification Europe.

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